Components of Road Structure

In this Article today I will teach you understand you on components of road structure in highway engineering. after reading this article you will now about the components of road structure. Components of road structure: 1: sub – Grade 2: Sub – Base 3: Base Course 4: Binder Course 5: Surfacing Sub Grade: Sub-grade  is […]

How to Calculate Quantity of  Concrete | Cement , Sand and Aggregate |

In this article today I will discuss about how we can find out the quantity of cement , sand and aggregate method. because we have different object and those objects have different shapes therefore the volume must change from each other. so after this  reading you will be able to find out the volume of […]

Types of Culvert and its advantages?

Hi friends, In this article I will discuss what is culvert , types of Culvert and its advantages, so lets get start. what is Culvert? Culvert are used  primly to allow of water across physical obstacle. And a culvert may act as a bridge for traffic to pass on it. The culvert span is less than […]

Remember some points before starting concreting in footing

General practice is to check when the footings are ready for concreting i.e. reinforcement is entirely tied up. However, the ideal practice would be to check it in two phase. 01. Check Formwork as well as soil strata Before you allow placing of reinforcement, check the formwork and soil strata. It is necessary as certain […]

How to Find Quantity of Concrete Block |Concrete Block Calculation|

In this video lecture I will teach you that How we can find out the quantity of concrete block. But remember that here in this block quantity you can change your block dimension it mean u can find out the concrete block quantity for different dimension and size of blocks. Steps to find Quantity of […]

Why steel are Binds by Binding Wire? Purpose of Binding Wire

  Hello friends today I will discuss why steel are binds by binding wire and its purpose so let’s get explain. What is Binding wire? Binding wires and the types of tying the wires to bind the reinforcement.  is used for binding reinforcement construction. It is made of mild steel inker, which takes place in the […]

Bar Bending Schedule Basics Formula (BBS) |Bar Bending Schedule beam and column|

In this Article today we will talk about the basic information of Bar Bending schedule. These are the important Tips to make and find the steel cutting length. What is  Bar Bending Schedule? In Civil Engineering Bar Bending Schedule is the important part of Estimation chart. In the Bar Bending schedule provides the reinforcement (steel) […]

How to Calculate Paint Quantity for Building | Paint Estimation |

In this Article today I will discuss about Paint Quantity in Building. After reading this article you will be able that how to find the paint quantity for any building. We have Two Kind of Gallon which are given below: 1: American  Gallon  ( US ) 2: British Gallon  ( UK ) Different b/w US […]

Tips for Inspection of Steel Reinforcement

Hello Friends, In this article I will show you some useful field tips for inspection of steel reinforcement at site, these tips are too much important for all civil engineers which are working at construction site lets get start. Tips for Inspection of Steel Reinforcement 1: Civil engineering at site always keep measurement tap for […]

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